Gym Membership

Are you looking for a gym that works with your schedule and your budget? Look no further. Workout Warehouse offers gym memberships that start at $22.00 per month!

Regular Monthly Memberships: (Tanning not included; see Tanning for pricing)
$22.00 per month EFT - $69.99 joining fee
$27.00 month to month - $69.99 joining fee
1-5 month memberships - $25.00 per month - $69.99 joining fee
6-12 month memberships - $22.00 per month - $69.99 joining fee

Click Here for Membership Contract

Corporate Memberships:

Take advantage of our corporate memberships and have the gym fees deducted from your pay check. You can add your family members as well. If you work for Confluence Health or PA&E be sure and mention it at your registration time and we will waive your joining fee!

Single Workout:

Come try out Workout Warehouse for a daily workout fee of $5.00. Guests only allowed during business hours.

Student Specials:

If you are a current member of Wenatchee Valley College, just bring a copy of your schedule to the gym and join with no joining fee and only $60 for three months. If you're taking a PE class at the college and need to log workouts, you can do it here! Every time your card is scanned your time here is logged. We will be happy to print you a log of your visits for your college credit.

*Termination of membership: If you bring guests into the gym during non-business hours, or allow someone else to use your key card, your membership will be canceled.